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Benefits is a practical solution to the often trotted out line "we encourage car sharing to events", to help mitigate what's usually the biggest contributor to an event's carbon emissions.

There are a number of car share sites out there. So what's the differentiator?

First, it only lists events, and so, because it doesn't have to cope with the complexities of travel to work journeys etc, it's really simple for users. You enter a unique event code, the location you are travelling from, the number of spares seats you have and the number of people travelling.

Second, multi-level security. Most, if not all car share websites let you register any journey. requires a unique code which the event organiser has, and will only provide to attendees. Not infallible, but makes it more difficult for ne'er-do-wells to register. Then, we log car registrations, which are given to sharers in advance, so they can check before getting in (or picking up someone).In the future, we plan to be able to restrict it to certain email addresses, so you upload a list of addresses and only those people are invited and permitted to register for that event.

Third, event-level reporting. The number of km, CO2, and pounds saved is calculated and shown for each event so on a macro-level it's easy to see the impact your measures are having.

Fourth (key, for some corporate events) user-level reporting. If use of the site were made compulsory for employees certain events, we could easily show where unneccessary journeys were being made, reduce fraudulent mileage claims, cut mileage generally. i.e. if you have a report from the site that Joe Bloggs COULD have shared 90% of his journey, why should the company pay for that leg? At 25p/40p a mile or whatever, this has the potential to save significant amounts for companies regularly sending a number of staff to events.

Fifth, is not a beauty parade(!). Other sites ask you to upload your photo, write a profile etc., so you choose who you like the look of to share with. Because of the car registration (and the traceability and security that brings), the site is about practicality; where are the most effective shares to be found. Both users have to confirm they are happy with the location of the share, before details are exchanged.

Sixth, the site provides a full list of directions, useful when people haven't been to event venues before. We're also looking to provide other joining instructions for each event, so that it's a one-stop shop.

Seventh, the site matches intermediate shares i.e. someone travelling from Penzance to London will be matched with someone from say Swindon (they would meet at an M4 junction). Most sites would only show the Penzance user other users from Penzance, so potential milage reduction is not realised.

Average savings...

28 miles of driving per attendee

15kg of CO2